Foot Treatments

All in a whirpool pedicure chair.

MASTER NAIL TECHNICIAN PRICES .. slightly higher.....approx. $2- $5.00 more 

Express Pedicure
Designed for the woman on the go. Relax your feet in our European whirlpool foot bath while enjoying the shape of your nails and a polish of your choice. Approximately 30 Minutes.
Classic Pedicure
You will enjoy the feeling of royalty as you sit in our special pedicure chair that massages your back while your feet receive a delightful whirlpool bath, an exfoliation of dry soles and heels, followed by a wonderful foot and leg massage and your choice of polish!
Essentials Pedicure
The same great features as the classic, but with a great Hydrating Mask for the feet and legs which invigorates with a fresh scent.
LaStone Pedicure
Starting with a classic pedicure, we add warm massage techniques with smooth riverbed stones to relax muscle tissue during the leg and foot massage, which allows for a deeper relaxation!
Reflexology Pedicure
Starting with your pedicure of choice, reflexology is an ancient Egyptian practice which is based on the principal that reflexes in the feet affect every part of the human body. A truly healing and pampering experience. - Add On
Paraffin Pedicure
Starting with your choice of pedicure, we add moisturizing warm paraffin which intensely hydrates the skin while providing therapeutic relief for aching joints! - Add On
Footlogic Callous-Off Treatment
Instant softening treatment for severely calloused feet. - Add On
French Pedicure
Add on.